Laser calibration for CNC machines

The precise alignment and calibration of machines is a critical part of our Quality Management. Especially in the tool machinery market, precision down to a µm is required. The new µLine system is an easy to handle, yet very precise system for the measurements of straightness and parallelism. µLine was developed for the industrial rather than the laboratory environment. It’s a two laser frequency interferometer with an integrated PSD for laser position detection.

µLine has a very extensive weather station; environmental influences on the measurement are kept down to a minimum through comprehensive temperature and pressure control.

We offer Laser calibration services with state of the art Renishaw linear & rotary calibration equipment. With this, we can find out the linear axis loss of motion (backlash), positioning accuracy and repeatability. The linear movement intermittent errors can be compensated by introducing Pitch error compensations in the CNC controllers.

Ballbar Testing

In theory, if you program a CNC machine to trace a circular path and the positioning of the machine was perfect, the actual circle would be an exact match to what was programmed. In practice, however, many factors within the machine geometry, control system as well as the wear can cause the radius of the test circle and its shape to deviate from the original programming.

Data analysis

You have a choice of several report formats according to International standards (e.g. ISO, ASME) and the comprehensive Renishaw diagnostics (including volumetric analysis) with a number of different screen views and links at your disposal.Many reports can be customised and the final result used for written reports.

We offer the Ball bar test which can provide the interpolation accuracies of any two linear axes. This test report will provide data Backlash, Reversal spikes Lateral play Servo mismatch of each linear axis, roundness, squareness and interpolation accuracies that can be achieved with the two axes in perpendicular arrangement.

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